Couch Diet Episode 2 – Is Disenchantment a Disenfranchised Disappointment from Matt Groening??

The second inaugural episode of the podcast! Yes! I can make up the rules if I want to!

I touch on a couple things here and there for this episode. A little bit about games; battlefield 5 and EA, Hunniepop 2, and Leisure Suit Larry. A little bit about anime; Kemono Friends/Youkoso Japari Park, Iyapan, Your Name. Also a little bit about a japanese horror/found footage mockumentary called Noroi: The Curse. Then I take another stab at Netflix and subsequently Disenchantment (RESULTS ARE MIXED).

Finally JAPAN 2020 *preview

SO – again, just like last episode, I re-recorded this podcast after the first take wasn’t to my liking. I had a itchy dry throat the second time around which meant a lot more editing around drinking water and coughing than the first. Weird. Well anyway I thought I was rambling too much in the first take and decided to cut the fat out and managed an even shorter episode 2. And YES, I did hold this episode back a whole week because I wasn’t that satisfied either way. We’ll see if the next episode I record will be held back again.

Episode 3 will be out much faster trust me (probably tonight, no promises). It’ll be a rant and then I’ll start on features the episode following.

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