Couch Diet Episode 1

This is the inaugural episode of the Couch Diet podcast! I had to do a retake because I honestly just didn’t know how to get it going. There’s gonna be a lot of issues with it so please bear with me. I will also mess with my mixer because I was too close to the mic the whole episode and it was nothing but heavy breathing and other ASMR stuff. The ASMR will be gone next episode I promise. In the meantime feel free to give me feedback anyway you can either here or on any of the social media pages, I’ll have dedicated places for interaction later.


For the time being, thanks for listening!

–SEO crap–

Video Games “EVO
Smash Nintendo Direct
Red Dead Redemption 2″
Weekly Anime “Boku No Hero Academia
Jashin Chan Dropkick
Harukana Receive
High Score Girl – Kemono Friends (SEASON 2)”
Non-Anime or Japanese “Netflix – The Dark Tourist
I Don’t like netflix as much as Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime App Sucks”
Outro “Couch.Diet
Twitter, Couch_Diet


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