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Alright, so this should be the first blog post on a revamped Couch Diet website, which would probably be revision number three or four by now. If you are reading this months after this post is made, you either have too much time or I don’t have enough time to make more posts, hopefully the former.


As the titles suggests I’m going to carry on and post about whatever I’m currently watching, reading, listening, thinking or creating at the time. If I am already in the middle of something I’ll start there, instead of going back to square one, unless I feel the need to revisit something.


The majority of my interest lies in popular culture, which would include television series, movies and books, although, I believe the majority of this blog will probably end up being about Japanese anime and manga. As I mentioned before I will also post about things I create so some posts may be purely visual such as pictures and videos, which you can also follow me on certain social media sites for more direct viewing experiences.


Feel free to reach out to me in any way that makes you feel most comfortable if you would like to take any discussions further – the sidebar on this blog should give you plenty of ways to contact me. This blog will more than likely evolve as time goes on, so expect to give me feedback on the layout and ease of access to navigation.


Thank you, dear reader, for taking the time to be here and I would appreciate a follow and a share when you see anything you like.

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